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Shaoxing Shangyu GREEN.L Digital Photography Equipment Co., Ltd is China Drone Accessoriess Manufacturers and OEM Drone Accessoriess Factory. Green.L specialized in the production of various kinds of products, such as led ring light, tripod, camera filters, selfie stick, bayonet adapter rings, digital adapter tube, camera lens, lens hoods, lens cap, cleaning kit and so on. Our wholesale Drone Accessories are showing strong vitality with novel styles, reliable quality, considerate service and reasonable prices. Our company has very strong research and development capabilities, there are so many professionals, optical engineer, coating engineer, electronic engineering, mechanical engineers, photographer and so on. With first-class production equipment, with numerical control equipment more than 60 sets, fully automatic CNC lathe 16sets, 13 tank automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine two set, double side polishing machine two sets, vacuum coating equipment two sets.


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Based on the development concept of "based on domestic and facing the world", the company keeps pace with the times, and is willing to join hands with domestic and foreign customers to develop together and create a better future.

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What are the Drone Accessoriess?
Drone accessories refer to the additional components and equipment that can be added to a drone to enhance its functionality, performance, and overall user experience. Some common drone accessories include:Propellers: Extra propellers are always a good idea to have as a backup in case of any damage or loss during flight.Batteries: Many drones have rechargeable batteries that need to be replaced after a certain number of uses or after a certain amount of time.Camera and gimbal: High-end drones often come with a built-in camera, but users can also purchase separate cameras and gimbals to improve their aerial photography and videography.Landing gear: Landing gear helps protect the drone's camera and other sensitive components during landing.Remote controller: Some drones come with a basic remote controller, but more advanced remote controllers are also available for purchase.Carrying cases: Carrying cases are essential for transporting your drone safely and securely.Filter sets: Filter sets, such as neutral density (ND) and polarizing filters, can help improve the quality of photos and videos captured by the drone's camera.Propeller guards: Propeller guards are a great addition to protect your drone and others around it during flight.Range extenders: Range extenders increase the maximum distance that a drone can fly from its remote controller.LED lights: LED lights are great for adding visibility to your drone, especially during low-light conditions.These are just some examples of drone accessories, and the specific accessories you need may vary depending on the type of drone you have and how you plan to use it.
Application Scenarios of Drone Accessories
There are many different types of drone accessories that can be used for various applications, some of the common ones include:Cameras: Drones equipped with cameras can be used for aerial photography and videography for a variety of purposes such as real estate, film-making, inspection and surveying, search and rescue operations, etc.GPS modules: GPS modules are essential for navigation and are used in applications such as mapping, surveying, search and rescue, etc.Payloads: Payloads can be attached to drones to carry out specific tasks such as spraying crops, delivering packages, inspecting pipelines and power lines, etc.Propellers: Propellers are an essential component of drones and different types of propellers can be used to enhance the performance of drones for specific applications such as racing, aerial photography, inspection, etc.Batteries: Drones rely on batteries for power, and different types of batteries can be used for different types of applications such as long-duration flights, high-performance applications, etc.Flight controllers: Flight controllers are responsible for controlling the flight of drones and different types of flight controllers can be used for different types of applications such as racing, aerial photography, inspection, etc.Lighting: Lighting can be used to enhance the visibility of drones, especially during night operations such as search and rescue, inspection, etc.First-person view (FPV) systems: FPV systems are used to give the operator a live view from the drone's camera, making it easier to control and maneuver the drone for applications such as racing, aerial photography, inspection, etc.These are just a few examples of the many different types of drone accessories and their potential applications. The specific accessories used will depend on the intended use and requirements of the drone.

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