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Shaoxing Shangyu GREEN.L Digital Photography Equipment Co., Ltd is China Photography Backgrounds Manufacturers and OEM Photography Backgrounds Factory. Green.L specialized in the production of various kinds of products, such as led ring light, tripod, camera filters, selfie stick, bayonet adapter rings, digital adapter tube, camera lens, lens hoods, lens cap, cleaning kit and so on. Our wholesale Photography Background are showing strong vitality with novel styles, reliable quality, considerate service and reasonable prices. Our company has very strong research and development capabilities, there are so many professionals, optical engineer, coating engineer, electronic engineering, mechanical engineers, photographer and so on. With first-class production equipment, with numerical control equipment more than 60 sets, fully automatic CNC lathe 16sets, 13 tank automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine two set, double side polishing machine two sets, vacuum coating equipment two sets.


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Based on the development concept of "based on domestic and facing the world", the company keeps pace with the times, and is willing to join hands with domestic and foreign customers to develop together and create a better future.

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Professional Types of Photography Backgrounds.
There are several types of backgrounds that are commonly used in professional photography, each with its own unique characteristics and uses:Solid Color Backgrounds: These are plain and simple backgrounds that are available in a range of colors and can be used for product photography, portrait photography, and more.Textured Backgrounds: These backgrounds feature various textures such as wood grain, stone, or fabric patterns and can add an interesting visual element to the photo. They are often used in food, product, and fashion photography.Gradient Backgrounds: These backgrounds feature a gradual change in color, either from light to dark or from one color to another. They are often used to create a dramatic effect in portrait, landscape, and still-life photography.Patterned Backgrounds: These are backgrounds that feature repeating patterns and can add depth and interest to a photo. They are often used in fashion, product, and still-life photography.Blurred Backgrounds: A blurred background, also known as a shallow depth of field, can be created using a large aperture setting on a camera. It is used to draw attention to the subject by making it stand out from the blurred background.Natural Backgrounds: These are backgrounds that feature natural elements such as trees, skies, and water and are often used in outdoor photography such as landscape, wildlife, and travel photography.Studio Backgrounds: These are backgrounds that are specifically designed for use in a photography studio and can range from solid colors to intricate patterns. They are often used in portrait, product, and fashion photography.
What are Photography Backgrounds made of?
Photography backgrounds can be made from a variety of materials, including:Fabric: Fabric backgrounds are popular in portrait and product photography, as they come in a wide range of colors and textures. They are often made of cotton, muslin, or canvas, and are lightweight and easy to transport.Paper: Paper backgrounds are popular in studio and product photography. They are available in a range of colors and textures, and can be easily mounted onto foam boards or other supports.Vinyl: Vinyl backgrounds are popular in portrait and product photography, as they are durable and can be easily wiped clean. They are often printed with patterns or designs, and can be mounted onto a support for stability.Glass: Glass backgrounds are popular in product photography, as they provide a smooth and reflective surface for capturing detailed images.Foam board: Foam board backgrounds are popular in product photography, as they are lightweight, easy to transport, and can be easily mounted onto a support.

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