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Shaoxing Shangyu GREEN.L Digital Photography Equipment Co., Ltd is China Portable Tripod Selfie Stick Manufacturers and OEM Live Broadcast Selfie Stick Factory. Green.L specialized in the production of various kinds of products, such as led ring light, tripod, camera filters, selfie stick, bayonet adapter rings, digital adapter tube, camera lens, lens hoods, lens cap, cleaning kit and so on. Our wholesale Portable Tripod Selfie Stick are showing strong vitality with novel styles, reliable quality, considerate service and reasonable prices. Our company has very strong research and development capabilities, there are so many professionals, optical engineer, coating engineer, electronic engineering, mechanical engineers, photographer and so on. With first-class production equipment, with numerical control equipment more than 60 sets, fully automatic CNC lathe 16sets, 13 tank automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine two set, double side polishing machine two sets, vacuum coating equipment two sets.


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Based on the development concept of "based on domestic and facing the world", the company keeps pace with the times, and is willing to join hands with domestic and foreign customers to develop together and create a better future.

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Well deigned head makes it easy to suitable for all cameras and digital cameras.
Modern design to form an exceptionally stable platform that can be used anywhere.
Strong flexible legs allow easy positioning, even on uneven and rough surfaces.
How do I choose a good portable tripod selfie stick?
When choosing a portable tripod selfie stick, there are several factors to consider to ensure you get a good one. Here are some key considerations:Compatibility: Make sure the selfie stick is compatible with your device, whether it's a smartphone, action camera, or another type of device. Look for a selfie stick with a universal phone holder or one that's specifically designed for your device.Length and weight: Consider the length and weight of the selfie stick. You want it to be long enough to capture the shot you want, but also lightweight and portable enough to easily carry with you.Build quality: Look for a selfie stick that is well-made and sturdy, with a solid grip and durable materials. The last thing you want is for your device to fall off or for the selfie stick to break mid-shoot.Adjustability: Make sure the selfie stick can be adjusted to different angles and positions, so you can capture the shot you want. Some selfie sticks also come with a remote control for taking photos or recording video from a distance.Tripod functionality: If you want to use the selfie stick as a tripod, look for one with a stable base and legs that can be extended and adjusted. Some selfie sticks also come with a built-in tripod, which can be especially useful for taking stable shots in low-light conditions.By considering these factors, you can choose a portable tripod selfie stick that meets your needs and helps you capture great photos and videos on the go.

What is the ideal length for a portable tripod selfie stick?
The ideal length for a portable tripod selfie stick can vary depending on your personal preference and the intended use of the device. Generally, selfie sticks with a length of 20 to 40 inches are considered to be portable and suitable for a wide range of uses, such as taking selfies, group photos, and vlogging.If you plan to use your selfie stick primarily for taking solo shots, a shorter stick of 20 to 25 inches might be sufficient. For group photos or wider shots, a longer stick of 30 to 40 inches might be more suitable, as it will allow you to position the camera at a greater distance from yourself and capture more of the surroundings in the frame.It's also important to consider the size and weight of your camera or smartphone when choosing the length of your selfie stick, as longer sticks may be more difficult to stabilize and control with lighter devices. Ultimately, the best length for your selfie stick will depend on your specific needs and preferences, so it may be helpful to try out a few different lengths to find the one that works best for you.

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