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Shaoxing Shangyu GREEN.L Digital Photography Equipment Co., Ltd is China Camera Support Equipments Manufacturers and OEM Camera Support Equipments Suppliers. Green.L specialized in the production of various kinds of products, such as led ring light, tripod, camera filters, selfie stick, bayonet adapter rings, digital adapter tube, camera lens, lens hoods, lens cap, cleaning kit and so on. Our wholesale Camera Support Equipments are showing strong vitality with novel styles, reliable quality, considerate service and reasonable prices. Our company has very strong research and development capabilities, there are so many professionals, optical engineer, coating engineer, electronic engineering, mechanical engineers, photographer and so on. With first-class production equipment, with numerical control equipment more than 60 sets, fully automatic CNC lathe 16sets, 13 tank automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine two set, double side polishing machine two sets, vacuum coating equipment two sets.


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Based on the development concept of "based on domestic and facing the world", the company keeps pace with the times, and is willing to join hands with domestic and foreign customers to develop together and create a better future.

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Industry Knowledge Development

What is a camera support equipments called?
Camera support equipment is commonly referred to as camera rigging or camera mounting equipment. This includes a variety of tools and devices used to securely hold and position a camera during photography or videography. Examples of camera support equipment include tripods, monopods, camera sliders, gimbals, boom arms, and shoulder mounts. The specific type of camera support equipment used will depend on the requirements of the shoot and the preferences of the photographer or videographer.

Which support equipment do photographers use to rest the camera on?
Photographers often use tripod as a camera support equipments to rest their camera on. Tripods are useful for providing a stable base for the camera, and they allow the photographer to take sharp photos in low light conditions, as well as to use slow shutter speeds without camera shake. Tripods come in different sizes and materials, including aluminum, carbon fiber, and even wood, and they can be adjusted to various heights. Other support equipment that photographers might use include monopods, which provide similar stability as tripods, but are lighter and more portable, and beanbags, which are small, portable and can be filled with beans or rice to create a stable base. Some photographers also use tabletop tripods or mini tripods, which are especially useful for macro photography or taking photos in tight spaces.

Application Scenarios of Camera Support Equipments.
There are various application scenarios for camera support equipment, some of which include:Film and video production: Camera support equipment is essential in film and video production to help stabilize shots and achieve smooth and steady movement. This includes tripods, stabilizers, sliders, and jib arms.Live event coverage: For live events, such as concerts and sports, camera support equipment is used to capture the action and provide smooth movement. This includes tripods, dollies, and cranes.Wildlife photography: For wildlife photography, tripod heads with pan and tilt capabilities can be used to follow and capture the movements of animals.Studio photography: In a studio setting, camera support equipment such as tripod heads and boom arms can be used to position lights and cameras at the right angles for optimal lighting and shot composition.Real estate photography: For real estate photography, tripod heads and stabilizers can be used to create smooth panning shots of a property's interior and exterior.
Time-lapse photography: For time-lapse photography, tripod heads with automatic panning capabilities can be used to capture smooth movement and maintain a consistent focus on the subject.These are just a few examples of the many application scenarios for camera support equipment. Whether you're a professional photographer, videographer, or hobbyist, the right equipment can help you achieve the results you're looking for.

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