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  • 10 inch Dimmable Photography Studio Tripod Ring Light
  • 10 inch Dimmable Photography Studio Tripod Ring Light
  • 10 inch Dimmable Photography Studio Tripod Ring Light
  • 10 inch Dimmable Photography Studio Tripod Ring Light
  • 10 inch Dimmable Photography Studio Tripod Ring Light
10 inch Dimmable Photography Studio Tripod Ring Light

10 inch Dimmable Photography Studio Tripod Ring Light

Brand Name: Green.L

Model: 10 inch Ring Light

Color: Black

Diameter: 26cm

Voltage: USB-5V

Power: 16W

Blubs: 128PCS

CRI: 85

Color Temperature: 2900K-6200K

Certification: CE, RoHS, FCC

(10-99pcs)-$11.80, (100-999pcs)-$10.80, (1000-4999pcs)-$9.80, ≥5000pcs-$8.80

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Shaoxing Shangyu GREEN.L Digital Photography Equipment Co., Ltd. is professional China 10 inch Dimmable Photography Studio Tripod Ring Light suppliers and OEM 10 inch Dimmable Photography Studio Tripod Ring Light company specializing in photographic equipment and photography accessories.


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Industry Knowledge

GreenL 10 inch ring light with high quality and energy saving.It is suitable for portrait and many other kinds of photography ,also can be used as a makeup mirror.Material: Aluminum alloy, Plastic Color temperature: 2900K-6200K CRI: 85.Green.L 10 inch Ring Light This ring light can be extended and rotated, convenient to adjust the direction of light, suitable for the shooting of landscape and portrait photography, creating a wonderful effect. It is Portable and lightweight, easy to configure our own scene shot, shooting without any worries!This 10 inch Dimmable Photography Studio Ring Light is equipped with one LED light, colorful and elegant, suitable for any photography purposes such as wedding, indoor photos and so on. It can be controlled by 360 degree rotatable ring that makes it more convenient to operate.At the highest price, this 10 inch dimmable Ring Light from Green light is not just rugged and reliable, but also fit for various projects, ranging from photo and video to art. With a professional quality degree of 80mm, it can be used for indoor and outdoor occasions. Plus only with 16W power supply, you can enjoy working freely during long shooting period without worrying about power shortage.

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